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Knowledge and expertise is required to settle estates in an efficient and cost-effective manner.  Often family members or a surviving spouse is appointed as executor but is unfamiliar with estate administration, including the probate process.  An experienced attorney can counsel family members and beneficiaries, treating them with respect, objectivity and independence to avoid conflicts that can arise in the settlement of an estate.  No matter how complex the estate, as an experienced trust and tax attorney, Paul Holland will work to finalize the settlement efficiently and explore solutions and tax-planning opportunities to benefit the estate and beneficiaries.

Working closely with your accountant and financial adviser, an experienced attorney like Paul Holland can bring specialized resources and services to insure efficient estate settlement in compliance with probate procedures and tax codes. In estate settlement, there are critical filing dates with the probate court and taxing authorities.  In addition, post-mortem tax planning can often add value to the process by suggesting techniques that will provide tax benefits to the estate and ultimate beneficiaries. 

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If you have been appointed executor of an estate, you should be aware of the significant responsibility and unique challenges of this role.  As an executor, you will serve as the legally appointed representative who will ensure that the probate process is followed, the taxing authorities are satisfied, and the provisions in a decedent’s Will are carried out.  Given these complexities, consider whether you would benefit from hiring an experienced attorney to advise you in your role as executor.

Estate services include:

  • Meeting with family members and other advisors during the estate settlement process
  • Collecting, inventorying and safeguarding assets
  • Arranging for appraisals of assets
  • Determining the retention or sale of assets and providing ongoing management of retained assets
  • Arranging for the payment of bequests
  • Coordinating the preparation and filing of all required tax forms and returns
  • Identifying claims against the estate and satisfying or disallowing such claims
  • Coordinating the distribution of assets
  • Overseeing the preparation and filing of federal and state estate and income tax returns
  • Supervising the preparation of all required reports to finalize and close the estate

Holland Law Offices has extensive experience establishing Estate Plans tailored to the particular needs of individuals and families. Contact Paul G. Holland Jr. for an initial consultation at 860-415-0075 or


Settling an estate can be challenging, and costly. And if you’ve been named as an executor, the responsibilities are enormous. Unless you are familiar with the probate process, trying to handle matters on your own may be overwhelming.

That is why you need an experienced, knowledgeable trust and tax attorney like Stonington attorney Paul Holland. Paul Holland will counsel family members and beneficiaries with

respect, objectivity and independence, helping to avoid those conflicts, that often accompany estate settlements.

Along with your accountant and financial advisor, you need a skilled attorney like Paul Holland who can settle estate issues efficiently, and ensure you are in compliance with probate court and tax authorities. Paul can also use his tax law expertise to suggest post-mortem tax planning that may benefit the estate and ultimately its beneficiaries.

As an executor you will serve as a legally appointed representative who must ensure the probate process is followed, taxes are satisfied, and provisions of the will are carried out. As we said, it’s an enormous responsibility, so why not call a trusted estate and tax attorney who can help you through the process. Call Paul Holland today or visit

Paul was exceptional in how he worked with me as Executor of an Estate. He explained the process and details in a precise, complete manner. He was available whenever I had a question about specific elements and next steps. He provide timely updates as the process progressed.
I would highly recommend him.

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Holland Law Offices has extensive experience in Estate Administration tailored to the needs of families and individuals. Contact Paul G. Holland Jr. for an initial consultation at 860-415-0075 or

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